Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Eylure Individual Semi-Permanant Lashes

As soon as I use these I knew I was going to have to do a post about it.

I'm such a huge fan of false eyelashes... in theory. I'm not sure if I have weird shaped eyes or I'm just not good at the application but false lashes never seem to quite fit right one me. I've tried and failed more times than I can count. So I'm a huge fan of them, but only on other people. After getting tired of wasting my money on lashes I'd never wear I decided to venture into what I thought would be the scary world of individual lashes.

I figured Eylure was a pretty safe brand for my first try and so picked up the mixed pack of individual lashes in black. 

This pack comes with 3 different lengths. The pack suggests using the short for inner lashes, the medium for the centre lashes and the long for the outer lashes. The long lashes were never touched by me, they were just too long and this is from someone with reasonably long lashes to begin with.

Rather than length I was looking for a bit more volume. I ended up placing 3 to 4 short ones on the centre lashes and 3 to 4 medium ones on the outer lashes. I was SO happy with the results and the application was easy peasy. Just grab a pair of tweezers, cover the end of the lash with glue (make sure you use a generous amount) and stick them as close to the lash line as possible without actually attaching them to the lash line. These attach onto the actual lashes rather than the eyelid. 

Here's the results (excuse the quality I wasn't home when I did this so handy iphone camera is all that was available):

So the above is the results with no mascara. Best thing about these lashes, those pictures were taken the morning after the lashes were applied. The lashes are semi permanant and include a solution to remove them, these lashes lasted a night of sleep, a day at work, a Christmas party with a lot of cocktails and the long sleep which followed. Pretty impressive right?

Being individual lashes these can obviously be applied to give a more or less dramatic look than the one I was going for.

This is definitely my new favourite product for a big night out. I've been raving about them ever since. 

P.S - I promise I don't have a black eye, the iPhone camera is just very unforgiving to my early morning eyebags haha.


  1. I have tried full sets, but not individual before. I would definitely try these now.

  2. those look real! I have never tried falsies but maybe I will try these!


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