Friday, 25 April 2014

Covet Fashion - fashion for your iPhone

Happy Friday everyone! I hope all you lovely readers had an amazing Easter weekend last week!

I'm here with a slightly strange post today, today is all about Covet Fashion which is a game/app available on iPhone/iPad (possibly available on other smartphones and devices but I'm really not sure on this one). 

Covet Fashion is kind of a game and kind of a very clever marketing ploy. It contains real designers collections and displays the real prices. You purchase these items with your "fake dollars" on the game and enter various themed styling competitions but there are also links to purchase these items for real. There's some well known designers on there and the game itself looks beautiful, the choice of hair and makeup available is better than any other fashion based game I've come across! Here's an example of a few of the looks users are able to create so you can get an idea:

Gorgeous right?! And that's just a small selection of what's available, there's new items added all the time and they even go by seasons!

I never feel the need to post about things like this but I really think it's something those of us in the blogging world will enjoy (the description in the App Store even mentions that bloggers will love it).

Just to point out as well that I am nowhere near popular enough to be offered any kind of ad deal so this really is just a genuine recommendation for a fun and beautifully designed game where you can create your own looks, vote on others and see the latest designers collections. 

If you have any other game recommendations drop me a comment, I'm always looking for something to keep me entertained on my commute.

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