Friday, 25 April 2014

We are now returning to our regular scheduling - it's Mini-Haul time

So after my slightly off topic post this morning I'm now back for a second time today with quite an exciting (for me anyway) mini-haul! 

1. Cocoa Brown Self Tan Application Mit
This was a quick purchase from Primark to apply the Rimmel Instant Tan. I do not tan. Ever. I'm actually terrified of it going wrong but there's no sun and I'm off out tomorrow wearing a dress so to avoid blinding the whole population of London with my pale legs I bit the bullet and went for a bit of tanner. I'm hoping that applying it with these will help me somehow but I shall let you know the outcome of that a bit later. Wish me luck!

2. Rimmel Summer Sun Instant Tan
I want tanned legs, I don't want shiny glittery legs. That's my personal preference so I went for the matte version of this but there is also a shimmer one available and it's half price in Superdrug at the moment. I've never tried this but a quick test on my arm leads me to believe it could turn out OK. I can't lie the fact that Binky from Made In Chelsea is now the face, or should that be legs,  of this product might have influenced me slightly. Sucker for advertising!

3. Maybelline Brow Drama
Better late than never right? Am I the only blogger not to have tried this little beauty? Well I have to say so far so good! I love good brows but don't always have the patience, this is going to be perfect for those early morning starts at work! Quick and simple, just what I like!

4. Eyelure Individual Lashes 
I've done a whole post dedicated to these before but basically, they're amazing. I have long lashes but they're kind of lacking in fullness and these are so perfect for that and much much easier to use than you might think. I can't stand fake lashes as I can never get them to sit right on my lash line so these are perfect, plus they last overnight so no rushing around just before a big night out you can just take your time the night before.

5. Primark Felt Tip Eyeliner
I love a good felt liner and I've seen this around on a couple of blogs. Very good for a cat eye but a little too thick for my personal preference, not going to complain for £1.50 though and can see me reaching for this when I want a more dramatic look.

6. Sleek Blush - Life's a Peach
Sleek, I do love you and your packaging. Nearly all my blush seems to be pink and as I wanted a bit more of a summery look for a big night this weekend I decided to get this. Amazing value for money, beautiful packaging and gorgeous product! So glad Sleek are on the up they're fast becoming my favourite "drugstore" brand.

7. Maybelline Colour Sensational in Honey Beige
This is from their Stripped Nude collection, the shades available all look beautiful but I chose this which is I'd say the second lightest shade. I'm not usually a fan of nude lipsticks but this is gorgeous, I wish that I could get away with the even lighter shade but I think that would wash me out too much. Honey Beige has just enough warmness in it that it doesn't drain the complexion and the formula is super moisturising without being too shiny. This could become my go-to lipstick whether it's for a night out or a long day at work. Definitely check out this whole collection.

Well that was my Friday shopping trip, now I'm off to do my lashes!


  1. It always feel good to pick up some new products! I've always wanted to try a sleek blush, but they don't sell it where I live!


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